Kitchen Table Conversations

KTCs are a forum for listening, not for changing the opinions of others.

Participants should feel included, valued and respected. There is no place for argument, nastiness or disrespect. All opinions are valid.

By providing community members with the opportunity to speak and be listened to, we get a better understanding of each other, where we agree and where we differ.

The process respects difference. The final report will be a strong document about what we love about our community and what we want from our political representatives.

How it Works

VoTE have a set of discussion starters and the facilitator will ask each person for their views on each question. At the same time the scribe will record what each person says for the report. No names are collected.

Group Agreement

We have a simple group agreement to help make sure the meeting goes well.

  1. We accept that everyone is entitled to have a say.
  2. We will make the effort to listen to one another.
  3. We respect people’s right to their opinion even if we disagree.
  4. We will try at all times to be constructive.
  5. We will try to stay on track.
  6. We will acknowledge and thank each other for contributing during the discussion and afterwards.

VoTE Discussion Starters

These questions will help kick-start the discussion.

  1. Theme: Living in Darwin
  • What are the best things about living in Darwin?
  • What makes a strong community?
  • Are there particular issues or concerns that you believe should be brought to the attention of the elected representatives?
  1. Theme: Political Representation
  • What do you think makes a really good political representative?
  • Do you feel adequately represented? If not, why not?
  • What would make a stronger relationship between people and elected representatives?
  1. Theme: Issues
  • Are there particular issues in Darwin that you feel strongly about?
  • Are there particular issues you feel should be focussed on in the run up to the NT election in August 2024?
  • What do you think could be done that might deal with these issues?

The more conversations we have the more powerful a report we can produce.