What are community independent candidates?

What are community independent candidates?


Anyone can run for election as an independent, but there is a growing movement behind ‘community independents’ in Australian politics right now. A community independent is a candidate who has entered politics from a community perspective, and is committed to listening and working constructively with the community if they are elected.

In the Federal electorate of Indi, Cathy McGowan was elected as an independent in 2013 with a huge volunteer campaign, taking a previously safe Liberal seat, and the community has kept the seat independent for the last 4 federal elections. Their current member, Helen Haines, has continued to work closely with the community and has led the federal Parliament’s development of world-leading anti-corruption (ICAC) legislation. 

The so-called ‘teals’ are community independents, who are all working closely with the grassroots members of their electorates and upholding a high level of transparency. 

It is crucial that community independents truly represent community concerns, and pursue evidence-based policy, above their own career agenda or personal interests.


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