What is the Kitchen Table Conversation Report?

What is the Voices of the Top End Report?


Top End Community Engagement Report 2024 is a summary of the views 249 participants in of 43 Kitchen Table Conversations held over the 2023-24 wet season. Its three themes are:

  • our community - why we love it - what makes a strong community
  • political representation - what do we want from our elected representatives?
  • issues and solutions - what are our priority issues for government action?

The report is based on detailed records of every KTC, analysed to create a data set, summarised to communicate the community’s key issues, priorities and values.

It contains the views of 249 Top End locals, as they shared in their own words in an open, respectful forum amongst neighbours, family, friends and/or strangers. We are humbled to have the opportunity to represent these thoughtful views to share a broader story.

The full report will be available on our website after the launch.

This report is:

  • A record of thoughtful responses from 249 Top EndDarwin residents to 9 standard questions;
  • A sample of what our community values;
  • An important snapshot of issues that will influence the August 2024 NT election;
  • Evidence that we value our democracy and respect others’ views;
  • A chance to share deeper thoughts on difficult issues than is usually offered by mainstream or social media;
  • An opportunity for elected representatives and candidates to listen and engage. 

This report isn’t:

  • A comprehensive representation of all of Darwin’s diverse community members;
  • A short-cut to solutions or policy platforms;
  • A comparison of current policies.


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