Kitchen table conversations

The idea is simple and powerful, and everyone is welcome to participate. Small groups of family, friends and neighbours gather together to share their passions, concerns and priorities for their community and the world.

The information from all these conversations across the Top End will then be shared with everyone involved, with community organisations, and with current and aspiring political representatives at all levels of government.

Table Conversation Topics

What will be talked about in the conversations?
Voices of the Top End is a forum to share your ideas and aspirations for the future. Conversations focus on three main themes: 

1. Living in your community   

  • What are the best things about living in the Top End?
  • What makes a strong community?

2. Political representation

  • What do you think makes a really good political representative? 
  • Do you feel adequately represented? If not, why not?
  • What would make a stronger relationship between people and elected representatives?

3. Issues and concerns

  • Are there particular issues or concerns in the Top End that you feel strongly about?
  • What particular issues do you feel should be focussed on in the run up to the Northern Territory Election in August 2024
  • What do you think could be done that might deal with these issues effectively?

NOTE: Hosts will have guidelines for ground rules to establish at the start of conversations to ensure that everyone has their say, is listened to respectfully, and all inputs are valued.